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Contrarian Branding : Stand Out by Camouflaging the Competition

Contrarian Branding : Stand Out by Camouflaging the Competition

Author: Roland van der Vorst
Publisher: BIS Publishers B.V.
Publication Date: 04 Jul 2018
ISBN-13: 9789063694630
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The world is busier than ever. One of the major challenges for brands is how to stand out from the competition: brands competing for market share, new brands that are being introduced, and indeed politicians fighting for attention in a crowded arena.
The answer is certainly not to create more and more messages. Instead, brand managers should be able to craft ‘polar’ brand associations. This book shows how brands catch the eye by creating polarity. This goes further than just being different. It’s a sophisticated technique to set brands apart from all other competitors in a radical way. This can be done by creating brand associations that radically split a competitive field into absolute opposites or are able to reconcile these in unexpected ways. Lightheartedly and with a wealth of examples, the book describes unique ways of guaranteeing that brands create a break through. Contrarian Branding is a must for brands eager to stand out from the crowd.

Author Description

Prof. dr. van der Vorst is Managing Director of FreedomLab and Professor of Strategic Design for Brand Development at TU Delft, The Netherlands. Roland has always worked at the crossroads of strategic and creative thinking and is considered a thought leader in the field of strategic brand management. Roland has been a chairman of BBDO Netherlands, launched his own agency (THEY) and has been an entrepreneur in Singapore.

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