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Chalk Art and Lettering 101 : An Introduction to Chalkboard Lettering, Design, and More!

Chalk Art and Lettering 101 : An Introduction to Chalkboard Lettering, Design, and More!

Author: Amanda Arneill Shannon Roberts
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Publication Date: 08 Dec 2017
ISBN-13: 9781944515614
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Calligraphy and lettering, in chalk! Chalk art and lettering are all around: on menu boards at a favorite local coffee shop, brightening sidewalk easels at street fairs, and in lively artwork found in the home. Chalk art and lettering pros Amanda Arneill and Shannon Roberts have teamed up to provide friendly, step-by-step instruction in chalk lettering and art, teaching you all you need to know to create your own chalk masterpieces:
- Getting started: the basics of making and seasoning your own chalkboards
- Lettering: various alphabets and lettering styles
- Illustration: steps and processes in chalk art, including banners, flowers and more
- Design: brings lettering and art techniques together with guided chalk projects ideas

Author Description

Shannon Roberts has always had a passion for art and illustrations, but it wasn't until she became a stay-at-home mom following her elementary teaching career that she decided to try using that passion to help support her family. She was never an art teacher, and she did not earn a degree in anything art related, but it was always something Shannon loved to do in her spare time. In 2014, Shannon decided to start an Etsy shop selling intriguing and unique types of art - chalkboard art! She prayed long and hard before finally deciding to embark on this journey, and truly felt like God was nudging her heart this direction. Little did she know that 6 months after opening her shop, the first of many manufacturers would be reaching out to reproduce her work! Shannon truly believes that God opens doors, and she hopes to glorify Him with every opportunity that He places in front of her. Shannon currently lives in Maryland with her husband and their two beautiful children.
Amanda Arneill is an established hand-lettering artist and instructor who has inspired many all over the world through her online courses to pick up their pens, pencils, chalk and more and just start lettering! As a mom of two, a wife and the owner of a successful business, Amanda knows the importance of slowing down in this busy world and taking the time to create something beautiful for yourself. Addicted to all things lettering, irrationally excited by new pens and art supplies and determined to spend as many working days as possible in sweatpants, Amanda has built a dedicated and ever-growing following of lettering lovers. Amanda combines her professional training and over a decade of experience as an elementary and high school educator with her passion for lettering and learning in order to engage and challenge her students. She's created a humor filled online presence and is well known for her unique and distinguishable style, as well as her ability to teach others to develop their own style. Find out more about what you can learn from her at amandaarneill.com. @amandaarneill

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