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Speed Reading Mastery : A 7 Stage Beginner-to-advanced System to Blaze Through Any Book With Full Comprehension

Speed Reading Mastery : A 7 Stage Beginner-to-advanced System to Blaze Through Any Book With Full Comprehension

Author: Kaspar Schäfer
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: 02 Jul 2020
ISBN-13: 9798663072243
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How to double or even triple your reading speed with comprehension, regardless of reading level.
Reading is a tough activity for many people to reach their full potential.
In fact, people tend not to reach their full potential in reading primarily because it is tough.
It is tough to read at a pace where reading enough can work with your schedule.
It is tough to read large amounts of information while ensuring comprehension is achieved.
I understand how tough it is because I remember being laughed at by my classmates in the third grade for being a slow reader and far behind in reading assignments.
It felt humiliating, my parents often told me I was smart and that they were proud of me for doing my best, but I still didn't feel this was true.
And this problem had plagued my academic life until the middle of college.
It was one of the reasons why I couldn't perform well in school and constantly failed classes, being held back in certain cases where I would dream of being a high school dropout.
It was until my sophomore year of college where I took my future seriously and decided something HAS to change.
I studied how to learn and train my mind to be a better machine at retaining and synthesizing information, and in the process, I learned what speed reading was.
After 2 years of work, I was ON FIRE with everything I learned about brain training and reading.
Learning felt like a breeze all of a sudden, but reading was an area with the most visible concrete improvement because by then I tripled my reading speed without sacrificing comprehension, and even improving it.
It was like I found a gold mine within my head that I didn't reach before learning speed reading, everything clicked.
And it could click for YOU too.
I began coaching people who had similar stories I had, it gave me the inspiration to work harder so nobody will have to be in that hole of giving up reading completely.
And the track record for the people I've coached shows I built a great program that anyone can take on, including you.
In Speed Reading Mastery, you'll discover:
Simple yet efficient speed reading techniques that will double or even triple your reading speed in 7 steps.How school has taught you the INCORRECT way to read.Your current reading speed, and building the best environment to improve it.How to "see" like a better reader.Experimental reading tactics that can improve reading speeds in less than 10 minutes.The framework to comprehend better than the majority even while speed reading.The miracle tool you can use anywhere to improve speed reading.
And so much more...
People tend to take on speed reading by themselves, without a plan to efficiently guide them to become better readers while speed reading.
And this often leads to nowhere for them because they aren't using all the right techniques and methods in ways that will work.
With Speed Reading Mastery, you have access to the same program that has been tried & tested on people from a wide range of ages and mental capacities.
You can read at incredible speeds of 400+ WPM, even if your current reading speed may be 150 WPM.
You can skim your way through books and be confident you comprehended just as well or even better than the person that hasn't speed read through the same book.
You can learn to speed read, no matter your age.
But that is if you use the right strategy to teach you speed reading, and Speed Reading Mastery is the right strategy you can implement.
So if you want to read at speeds you did not think were possible for you, then scroll up to the top of the page & click the buy now with the 2-click button to get your book instantly!

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